Sunday, December 20, 2009

Iranian Reunion!?

 Last Friday evening, we gathered with old Iranian members who received Special Permits for Residence in the past. By now, all of them have stable jobs in Japan, and their children go to universities or work. They have decent and happy lives. Some of them do not have the chance to meet regularly, so they met actually after 7-8 years, having nostalgic talks. We originally planned to gather at an Iranian restaurant in Roppongi, but could not get a reservation, so we had to go to an Indian place instead run by the same owner. In the end, we had food delivered from the Iranian restaurant. Lamb barbeque and stew, garlic yoghurt etc., Iranian food is not very spicy, hence easily digestible to anyone. It was delicious♪

 Seeing that they live happily after all the hardship, we also gained strength from them.