Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ASIA FAIR Held on October 30th!

Actiually, this upgrade was quite late. Sorry about that...

APFS held its annual event, the Asia Fair on October 30th (Sun)!

The actual program started at 11:00, but our staff and volunteers gathered and began with the preparations from 9:00. In the rain and chilling cold all of them worked on the tents and their booths. Since only a few visitors came before noon, we were a bit worried, but in the end after the rain stopped in the afternoon we managed to reach the yearly average.

We had food stalls from the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangaldesh, Pakistan, China, Iran, Korea and Hungary (special participation), so we could experience each country’s flavors. In the meantime, on the stage bands and singers from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran and Burma were performing and visitors enjoyed themselves dancing and singing.

APFS members from different countries with various backgrounds support the fair every year from behind the scenes. At home they are preparing foods and trying all kinds of tactics to sell it. We are always amazed to see how they work together and make the Asia Fair a success. Hopefully, the Asia Fair will be held with the same multicultural power next year too, so we are waiting for everyone to visit the fair again!