Monday, December 21, 2009

Handing Out Food

 Originally two young members of APFS staff started this BLOG…  For me, this is the first time to write.
 I feel the pressure, so I will try to write some more from now on.
 It is not exactly the latest news, but this is the report of our food distribution at the end of November.
 We are in the middle of an unprecedented recession.

The living conditions of undocumented foreigners are also getting worse…
 We thought that we also have to do something, so we started our food support project at APFS.
 We received help from “Second Harvest Japan” in the form of almost 300 kg of rice, beverages, and snacks for our foreign families.

 The rice included the famous brand of “Hitomebore”, and we had cookies from a famous coffee shop chain. It was more than satisfying. 

 Instead of one-sided distribution by Japanese staff, rather receiving foreign members took the lead and shared the food.
 At first we did not know how to divide the 300 kg of rice, but Filipino and Burmese members solved the problem in a swift and practical way. Everything goes smoother if we help each other!
 Those families, who received from the food, told us that it really helps and that they are grateful.
I would like to thank everyone who took part in this food support project!
Thank you all!

 “Honestly, we would like to work and help ourselves,”
Many undocumented foreigners have such thoughts.

 However, various barriers exist for them because of their status.
Still, it is also true that they have children.
These children may be hungry all the time.
That is something we do not want to let happen.
On the other hand, we also think that it is not favorable to continue only with food distribution in the long term.
 Even if it is difficult, I believe that everyone should find a way to self-reliance.
The damage inflicted by this year’s recession seems to be tremendous.
We are still in an emergency state.
Hence, I think that we need to keep up with handing out food for the time being.
 Next time, I will report on the following.