Tuesday, June 5, 2012

About the informational meeting on the trial for state compensation for M. Suraj of the 21st of May

  During the Informational meeting that took place after the fourth hearing of the trial for compensation for Mr. Suraj, about information about the evolution of the case so far and the perspectives from now on, we looked at pictures of the reproduction of the situation of Mr. Suraj’s deportation (presented by the Ministry of Justice).
 M. Suraj was made to lay face down and was carried into the airplane, with metal handcuffs on the legs, and through the use of personal items that belonged to the Immigration officers, this is the kind of scene displayed in the pictures of the reproduction of the incident. After they made M. Suraj seat in the airplane seat, several Immigration officers were retaining M. Suraj (this is why the back of the chair fell), while his mouth was getting stuffed with a towel. Moreover, he was made to bend down forward when he was seated, which even in amateur’s eyes seems like an exaggerated pressure.

  Thinking that M. Suraj died in the middle of such an inhumane treatment, I felt a cruel indignation. The pictures shocked all the persons that participated to the informational meeting, and I think we all shared the same feeling. It was the occasion to dig into the real matter and to strengthen the determination towards making the truth become clear.