Saturday, May 26, 2012

Report on the Earth Festival Kanagawa 2012

    On the weekend of the 19 and 20th of May, the Earth Festival was organized in Yokohama-shi, in Kanagawa Prefecture. Putting under the spotlight the various ethnic groups and cultures of the people living in Japan, this very popular yearly event features food stalls, dances, music performances, a world bazaar and lots of fun.
    Starting from Saturday morning, and until Sunday evening, colorful and smiling artists followed one another on different stages offered by the organizers. Arriving from Hongo-dai station, a mere 10 minutes train ride from Kamakura, the festival starts with the world bazaar, a very calm and peaceful outdoor market with lots of handicraft, clothing, jewelry, and various hand-made items. Inside of the nearby Earth Plaza building was the main stage and many workshops and happenings in the different stairs.
    But the core of the festival was of course the busy, steamy and noisy food stalls village. Situated right under the bazaar, all around a little pool containing an island where musical performances and various talks were held, there was food from all over the world, from the Spanish Empanadas, Thai noodles, Bangladeshi curry and Nan, to Indonesian Lawar, Indian beer or Brazilian style churros. All the different smells, colors, faces made it a very enjoyable event.
APFS held a Bangladeshi food stall, featuring curry, tandoory chicken, kebab and lassi. The delicious coconuts chicken curry prepared by the team of Bangladeshi professional cook was a huge success! Thank you very much to all the people who came to the stand.

    Don’t hesitate to participate next year !