Monday, May 21, 2012

Fourth hearing of the trial for compensation for Mr. Suraj

Today from 4PM in the court room 705 was held the fourth hearing of the trial aiming at State compensation for the incident that led to M. Suraj’s death.

The seats for the public were full again, which has a great importance for the following of the trial.
The state didn’t hand out the documents explaining their objection by the designated deadline of the 14th of May, and will have to do it by the 20th of June.

Regarding the dishonesty of the State, the Judge also referred to the fact that the criminal case does have to progress in any way.

He strongly stated that the state has to present objections by the next hearing. The points at stake becoming clear, we will be able to make progress.

After today’s trial we moved to the LAwyers building where the Attorneys at law spoke about the progress of the trial up until now, perspectives from now on and such topics (as shown on the picture).

Many questions were asked by the participants, and we were able to share with each other the cruelty and the irrationality of the incident.

The next hearing will take place in the court room 705 of Tokyo District court from 11 :30AM on the 30th of July.

Please everyone, come as an observer to the hearing, every single person lends a great power to the case.