Sunday, March 6, 2011

A march for Mr. Suraj!

Today from twelve o’clock, we marched in Shibuya to demand a swift prosecution by trial in the case of Mr. Suraj and to let ordinary people know about it.

In the warm and sunny weather, altogether almost seventy participants from various countries such as Japan, the USA, Pakistan and Iran took part. During the march, we handed out flyers to passers-by and felt a good response. We had spontaneous participants and donations to the Suraj Fund etc., so it turned out to be a successful march…

This time, a friend of Mr. Suraj took the microphone and the lead making appeals. At APFS, we support all kinds of foreign migrants but it is always most inspiring when their friends broaden the circle of support. Together with Mr. Suraj’s wife, his friends and a team of lawyers working on the case, APFS will continue its efforts to unravel the truth about Mr. Suraj’s case!