Thursday, February 24, 2011

“Suraj Case Report” at the Chiba District Attorney’s Office & On a march

Regarding Mr. Suraj’s case, we reported here too that the documents of ten immigration employees were sent to the district attorney’s office. Almost two months have passed since then but there are no developments… At APFS, together with Mr. Suraj’s wife and a team of lawyers engaged in the case, we went to the Chiba District Attorney’s Office under such circumstances to inquire about the proceedings (however since it was only allowed to her and her attorney, APFS could not attend). Mr. Murakami, the prosecutor working on the case, informed us but conclusively no new information or future outlook was revealed. The reason was that it is too early for that. We are really sorry that the office does not seem to feel the urge in comparison with cases where they restrain suspects. We are planning to make an appeal to the district attorney’s office for swift prosecution by trial soon.

It will be one year after Mr. Suraj’s death next month. If we are asked how many people know about the case (even if they know about it, most people do not know what followed), we only feel worthless as the support organization.
On March 6th, to let many people know about Mr. Sura’s case, we will hold a march with Mr. Suraj’s wife and his friends according to the following (we have announced it on the APFS homepage too). Please participate if you can!

Date & time: March 6th (Sun) 2011, 12:00-14:00 (uncertain for the ending)
Place: from Jingu-dori Park (10 minutes on foot from the East Gate of Shibuya station, next to Miyashita Park)