Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mr. SURAJ’S Case Sent to the Prosecutor: Press Conference

Since the documents of ten immigration employees were sent to the prosecutor’s office at the end of the year, a press conference was held from 5:15 PM, January 11th by Mr. SURAJ’s widow, the lawyers association working on the case and APFS. It may be a little odd to hold a conference following the sending of the documents. However, since there have been no developments in the case for nine months, we fear that the case will be forgotten, so we decided to hold the conference.

Mr. SURAJ’s widow said that she is happy with the fact itself that the case was sent to the prosecutor’s office, but she also expressed her discontent over the prolonged investigation. Furthermore, during questioning by the police she was persistently asked if Mr. SURAJ had any preexisting condition and she felt the intent of the police to stress that the reason for Mr. SURAJ’s death might have been a chronic illness.

Additionally, the lawyers association reported that at the end of the year they were kept waiting for more hours during the preservation of the evidence at the Ministry of Justice (preserving evidence such as the videotape taken at Mr. SURAJ’s deportation so that it would not be disposed of or altered). Suddenly the appointment itself was postponed (it is quite illogical to postpone in case of preservation of evidence) and finally only half of the requested evidence were handed over.

There are many obstacles, but we believe that the truth will be recovered and continue with or activities. We trust in your continuous concern and support.