Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The bowling game and drinking party

This is Igarashi, one of volunteers.
On May 30th, Sunday, the bowling game and drinking party were held at the Rosa Kaikan, Ikebukuro. Twenty four people of APFS stuffs, volunteers and foreign members and their families got together and it became a day, full of their smiles.
In the bowling game, we were divided depend on the lanes and the foreigners, especially, seemed to be really excited to play the games. It was said that the winners will be recognized and given a gift in the drinking party so that everyone were excited. The higher rank was a fight between the Pilipino and Japanese.

Also, nine teen of them participated in the drinking party and were greatly excited as well as the bowling game.
It was really impressive that APFS stuffs, volunteers and foreigners and their families equally drunk, ate, sang and communicated together well. In the Karaoke, foreign members sang Japanese songs and Japanese sang English songs. Such figures told me that this gathering also meant significant time as a cultural exchange.

In fact, I had been a little bit anxious about foreign members before I went there. It was because I was captured by the imagines that foreigners in Japan must be sad and poor.
However, it was overthrown when I met them at the bowling game. I faced their smile and positive mind, and received so much power from them rather than giving them my power. Then, this time I realized that my task for the future is to have more interests about them and think about them more deeply

I think everyone got closed more than before threw this bowling game and drinking party.
I, also, hope that we can grow together by understanding this meeting as a good opportunity.