Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Attended in the 60th anniversary of Yuuza Oyama arcade encouragement Union

I am Kato, representative of APFS. Thank you for always looking at this blog.

I attended in the the 60th anniversary of Yuuza Oyama arcade encouragement Union on May 18th, Tuesday night. APFS has realized that we aims at being a community-based NGO and participated in the arcade since 2009.
It was a great ceremony that a ward headman of Itabasiku, local members of the House of Representatives and other prominent people got together.

We looked back the history of these six decades and confirmed to make this arcade more revitalized.
The average of age was perhaps forty five years old so, I was overwhelmingly younger among them.
The arcade owners kindly told me when and what kind of events are going on and what is necessary for being acquainted with the community.

Then, we are probably able to open branches in summer festival (so-called “Bonodori”), the arcade holds, this year too.
The “Asian” color will be added into the arcade.
APFS may be going to open Burmese and Pilipino food branches.

People who wear Yukata will be sent out so that it will be very suitable if you who want to see the fascinating arcade.
The summer festival will be on July 31st and August 1st.
We will let you know on this web cite if the details are decided.