Friday, October 23, 2009

Minister Fukushima Mizuho, we expect your commitment!

On October 15th, we and a foreigner staff participated in an event which commemorating publish of Mizuho Fukulshima’s book, the special mission minister of the Cabinet office.

She mainly takes charge of consumer administration, safety of foods, equal rights for men and women, and declining birth rate.
In addition, she also brings “ten topics” for her policy, including a “policy for foreigners living in Japan”

First, minister Fukushima talked with Mr. Yuasa, who started to work in the Strategy room in the Cabinet office, and then she delivered speech about her policy.
Her speech was concentrating on safety of foods and declining birth rate as we had expected.
In terms of foreigners in Japan, she just said “I’ve dealt with problems of Japanese Brazilian, and then…” which was kind of disappointing for us.
But what interesting was that there were lots of NGO’s booths there, and those showed easy-to-communicate atmosphere on this event.

We hope this new administration and Minister Fukushima will consider rights of foreigners seriously for making their policy.