Friday, October 23, 2009

Cooking Japanese Foods!

On October 18th (Sun), we held the first Japanese food cooking class in this year!

People from the Philippines, Brazil, Myanmar, and the United States took part in and enjoyed this event.
The main recipe for this time was teriyaki-yellowtail (Buri no teriyaki) and freeze-dried Tofu (Koya-dofu).
Even we Japanese staff from APFS had not tried to make “dried foods” like Koya-dofu, so we also learned a lot from this interesting class!
Participants enjoyed talking not only with a teacher but also with other participants:
especially “Moms” were chatting a lot about box lunch in Japan (Obento). They said that in their country they had never seen a box lunch which includes such many foods like Japanese ones.
Now we learned, “different places have different box lunches”. Interesting!

Wanna join this class?
This class is opened for anyone, so feel free to contact us: 03-3964-8739.

*Next class
November 15th (Sun)
at Narimasu Shakai Kyoiku Kaikan

the main recipe:
-Miso soup (cooked from Dashi)
-rice boiled with soy sauce (Takikommi Gohan)
-also some side dishes


We are looking forward to seeing you :)