Friday, October 23, 2009

Cultural exchange in neighborhood meeting :)

On October 12th, we held “Share Meeting”!

This meeting is aimed at foreigners living in Japan, giving them opportunities to talk about challenges they’ve faced in Japan and look for how to overcome.
This series have been held irregularly since the last year.

The topis for this time was "Communication in PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and neighborhood meeting (町内会)"

It is said that these days even Japanese are likely to hesitate to attend neighborhood meeting.
But many participants in this “Share Meeting” take part in their neighborhood meeting, and enjoy some events like summer festivals as an opportunity to know Japanese culture.
One participant said “My kids can make friends with children in neighbors, and I also can make friends with neighbors”.
She had a positive impression toward neighborhood meeting.

*This meeting is supported by the administration of Tokyo (“東京都在住外国人支援事業助成”)