Friday, July 6, 2012

Urgent protest statement concerning the non-prosecution decision

For the 10 Immigration officers who were under the threat of being prosecuted for the death of M. Suraj, a non-prosecution decision has been released. We, APFS and Suraj’s wife protest against this decision in the text below.
We also distributed this text in a press conference of the justice related matters journalists club. You can see the press conference in the picture below.

Urgent protest statement concerning the non-prosecution decision

2 years have passed since the incident, and we felt a deep indignation when we learned about the decision of non-prosecution.

About the cause of Suraj’s death, a re-examination of his heart revealed he had a tumor, so an irregular pulse was decided to be the main cause. Without asking the family at all about the conservation of the heart, to believe all of a sudden that, after 2 years that the heart has been stored, a tumor is the cause of the death is really difficult. We do have doubts about whether the heart is really Suraj’s one and whether the examination is really sure.

It was said that the oppressive acts of the Immigration Officers on M. Suraj are within justified acts, but they stopped the video, and without any kind of recording, what kind of justified acts were they doing, we have to judge only through the one-sided claim from the Immigration Bureau. During the deportations to come from now on, can they use any kind of coercive means and be judged as correct acts? We are appalled by this possibility.

Concerning the current trial claiming for State Compensation, the State being the defendant has released on the 20th of June its preparatory papers. The content resembles a lot the claim for non-prosecution released by the prosecutor, and the fact that the timing matches too let us think that the State and the prosecutor are colluded.

Therefore, about the decision of non-prosecution, we protest strongly against what we think is collusion between the State and the Prosecutor, stomping over People’s rights.

4th of July 2012

Suraj’s wife

Supporting organization APFS