Thursday, January 28, 2016

“It was not acceptable and understandable.”

Last time, we reported the judgment of the state compensation suit for Mr. Suraj’s in Tokyo High Court in short. This time, we want to tell you about things after the judgment.

We held a press conference at the Judicial Press Club in the Court (Take a look at a photo above), and a lot of media attended. Most of them asked Mr. Suraj’s wife about comment on the judgment, which made her at a loss for words. After the conference, we also held a briefing session in the same building. What impressed us deeply was that many supporters and spectators had been waiting for us until we appeared although over one hour had passed after the judgment (Take a look at a photo below). Mr. Kodama, a lawyer in the defense team, gave his impression of how difficult it was to fight against the country. At the last of the session, Mr. Suraj’s wife managed to comment about the judgment. “It was totally unacceptable, and I still cannot understand the meaning of it and current situation.”