Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We held APFS HOME PARTY!! (Voice from a volunteer)

On May 25th 2014, we held APFS HOME PARTY for our related people who are consulted and supporters for them.

We gathered 30 people who have various nationalities such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines. About 5 members of staff also joined the events. One of the participants from Philippines cooked the meals for us and we enjoyed it. This party will be held at least once within two month for the communicating space between members, staffs and volunteers. During the party, we gave our self-introductions and we talked about “hope” individually.

What did this party give the participants? I thought this was a networking opportunity for participants. They are really busy because some manage their own restaurants and others engage in the building construction industry. One of the participants said that he does not take a leave even a day in a week. Our related people cannot meet usually. This party gives the happiness to share the present situation for each. They talked their lives. I could talk with them and learned about their countries and how they live in Japan.

I participated in APFS’s event for the first time today. It was nice that I could see the face of participants whom I will engage with. They are just one of them who are supported by APFS. I don’t know about them and their situation in Japan so I would like to know about them more through volunteering in APFS.