Friday, February 7, 2014

A Volunteer Opinion (Ms. Taniguchi)

Hello. My name is Taniguchi. I joined APFS as a volunteer in July 2013. It was in June 2011 when I knew the existence of APFS. When I visited the office as a part of the class of the university, I was impressed to hear the story of a Bangladeshi man. He talked eagerly about Japan at that time, so I felt he thought of Japan more than us. I still remember the day.

We Japanese, how do we face the presence of "foreigners"? Through the activities in APFS and things that are treated as foreign "problem" in Japan, I feel Japanese may see them as "others", and the tendency is strong.

But "foreigners" cannot be viewed in a monolithic way. People who come to the office of APFS are also very diverse. I was stimulated to see the state of foreign people suffering from troubles actually in Japan---which is said to be "tough on foreigners". And I wonder what is “the multicultural society” everyday.

How do we “Japanese”, as a majority in Japan, face with them? And how can we make it possible to live with them in the real sense of "coexistence"?

I continue to think about these question through the activities in APFS.