Monday, November 26, 2012

7th Hearing Held in Mr. Suraj’s Trial for State Compensation

November 19th (Mon) was the 7th court date in Mr. Suraj’s case.
This time, the plaintiff side made a proceeding report describing that a request was made for enclosure to crime victims which actually took place on October 12th, and that another request has been submitted to the prosecutor office for viewing of the video taken during the deportation process.
It was agreed upon that the plaintiff side lets the defendant side to have a look at the acquired information, and the defendant side will make an official statement by next time.
This time, the observer seats were not full. It is feared that as the trial is prolonged, this way the case may gather less interest. The next court hearing is on next year’s February 25th (Mon) from 4PM in Court Room No. 705. We hope that you will support us as an observer and may even invite other people around you who are interested.