Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Participating in APFS Christmas Party

My name is Makita, a volunteer member of APFS

Christmas Party hosted by APFS was held in Green Hall of Itabashi-ku on Sunday December 19, 2010.  Participants were approximately 80 people from the members of APFS from various countries and their families and APFS members.  The party started with an opening address of Mr. Kato, the representative of APFS followed by toast and dinner.  It was a rare chance to enjoy various and tasty ethnic food at the same time.  The party continued such programs as bingo game, musical chair game of children, present from Santa Clause to children, musical chair game of adults, newspaper game, orange dance, and present exchange.  The party ended with a picture taking of all the participants.  Everybody enjoyed very much supported by MC warmed up the party with an excellent performance.

I realized great contribution of APFS having seen members who are obviously happy having received APFS’ support.  This opportunity encouraged me to further support APFS as a volunteer staff member.