Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free medical checkup

My name is Nichisato. On August 1, I as a staff member of volunteers participated in an event of free medical checkup for foreigners. The event was held in Green Hall of Itabashi Ward during 10:30am to 4:00pm (reception closed at 3:00pm) in cooperation with another volunteer group of “SHARE.” The free health check is an annual event regularly held this time of the year. APFS acted as an interpreter and a consultant regarding visa, whereas SHARE carried out the medical check up.

My duty was to set up a booth and to welcome examinees at the reception to lead the way including miscellaneous works.

I notice that the atmosphere was amiable as examinees and staff members are smiling. I was glad to notice that examinees seem much satisfied as they were giving us a thanks word and making donations.

I took a checkup as my own experience as a volunteer staff member and found it comfortable, despite free checkup and minimum check items with inexpensive equipments.

Checkup follow was; reception followed by urine analysis, filling in the questionnaire, X-ray, height and body weight, blood pressure, dental checkup, others (eyes and heart) and medical and nutrition consultation (though I did not consult). Therefore the contents were substantial. Since foreigners were targeted, some foreign languages besides English were on the sign boards and interpreters were standing by in order to be foreigner friendly.

I was pleased to have made valuable experience, although I was some how puzzled due to first experience. I will make further efforts to contribute to help people in APFS.