Sunday, February 14, 2010

PERSONNEL TRAINING: Organizational Development II – Risk Management

We held our regular personnel training for APFS staff and volunteers.
This time’s topic was “Organizational Developmetn II – Risk Management”, so we invited Ms. Mika Nakahara, the representative of the NPO called Risk Management Office.

Ms. Nakahara told us about the risks of NPOs, and the merits-demerits faced by them.

What’s more, since this year APFS is aiming to aquire legal status as an NPO, we were warned about possible problems, such as volunteer insurance or protection and management of personal data.

By having supported countless foreign residents, we managed to form a trustful relationship with most of them. At the training, we were confirmed that we have to manage risks carefully in the future too, to be able to support many more people in various ways,

Finnally, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Nakahara for providing us with such a good chance for learning!

* Our personnal training is sponsored by the Daiwa SRI Fund.