Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monthly Daiwa SRI Funds Internal Training

We had a monthly training session targeted at our staff and volunteer members today. The topic of the training was “ Financial Reporting for Authorised NPOs”. We had Mr. Oichi, certified tax accountant, from Venture Shien Zeiritsuhoujin as a guest lecturer this time.
APFS has been preparing to become an authorised NPO since last year. The experienced tax accountant, in today’s training session, explained to us what financial reports are required for an authorised NPO.
We do produce financial report regularly but we are not accounting or tax experts. Hence, today’s training was very helpful for us since we could ask many questions to the lecturer that relates to our daily operations.
Thank you Oichi sensei!

*We receive financial support from “Daiwa SRI fund”.